Ajia Z

Monday, June 18, 2012

Mirror Mirror

Mirror mirror No, not the one on the wall Not the one in the bathroom Not the one in the hall; But the one i see before me, See it's not a mirror at all... But another beautiful person Whose scars are obvious to me What they lack where they went wrong All that they could be if theyd just be Who they were meant to be If theyd just let the what-ifs go If they could just let the bygones be. No Im not perfect but id never do that if it were me! So swift to say id do this Never would do that Then all of a sudden im caught in this something With thousands of ppl whose lives are reflections of me The girl who i yearned to be, The girl who i once said would never be me. The guy of my dreams so perfect he seemed Until he too began to reflect me. A soul whose heart had been broken Defensive in every way to make sure she didnt hurt he And vice versa. Now i found myself within a circle, Of mirror images, beautiful reflections of me Gifted people Through faith they'd be set free. My brothers all chosen for great deeds Not accomplished easily My sisters all more beautiful than any girl You have ever seen in this world Going through things within love the same With guys whose reflections they've seen Forgive and excused because we too can understand the defensiveness of thee But to show love you've gotta respect To be loved you've gotta let your spirits free Holding on to grudges Weighing your heart down Remembering to wear a frown Around a certain he or she What a waste holding a grudge turns out to be. Emotional. Mirrored. Easily broken into millions of pieces.

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